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About us

Maxima Training & Development exists to help you maximise your true business potential.

Because much of our work requires writing bespoke programmes solving specific client needs, flexibility and creativity have become major strengths at Maxima. We work with our clients across all aspects of their business to refine their skills and improve their results.

Listening - Planning - Doing - Reviewing

Sometimes, it requires a more holistic approach to improve performance and service delivery to staff. Maxima have worked with a wide range of businesses to develop people potential, refine business practices and re-focus teams on sales and business development. This means working closely with the organisation, re-defining operating procedures, removing barriers to effective staff performance and changing goals and targets. It means making change work for you.

95% of our business, over the last 20 years and (covering a broad range of industries) has been the result of personal recommendation. We are people first and put people first, believing that your team is the key to your business success. Investment in your people is investing in your success!

Our delivery is energetic, and focused on achieving results. Using different techniques and practices to enhance the learning experience, our delegates both enjoy and retain more of their course experience. We also value measurement and feedback at Maxima, and work with our clients after the implementation to review progress and success.

If you feel we can help you and your organisation, then the starting point is a briefing from which we will produce clear proposals designed to help you achieve your goals. We produce these proposals free of obligation.

If you would like to discuss ways of unlocking your business potential, please contact us.

Martin Pepper

Martin Pepper FlnstSMM

Martin is the Managing Director of Maxima Training & Development. Martin has held Senior Management positions in the airline and hospitality industries and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development World-wide for Forte Hotels before founding Maxima in 1995.

Valued by clients for his experience, down to earth approach, fast pace, understanding of business reality, humour and his ability to communicate in a motivational style that makes people want to take action.

Martin has been made Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing in recognition of his outstanding contribution in developing sales people in the hospitality industry.  

Martin is a sought after conference speaker on a range of subjects related to developing people to develop business.

He is a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD and a licensed Insights Discovery Practioner.  A life long learner, Martin has resisted the temptation to complete a PHD on the basis that no one would take a Doctor Pepper seriously!

Contact Martin Pepper
01403 733337


Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark FlnstSMM

 Wendy is Director and co-founder of Maxima Training & Development.

Wendy has worked in retail, advertising, catering and hotels becoming the youngest Director of Sales.

She ran her won business, Positive Projection, before co-founding Maxima Training in 1995, specialising in coaching individuals and teams to maximise their personal and team brand, her work was featured in the Sunday Times. 

Wendy is valued by clients for her experience, humour, honest approach, real world thinking, excellent communication skills and her ability to inspire people to maximise their personal brand. 

Wendy is a sought after Executive coach and is retained by many Senior Manager and their teams. 

A Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing, a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD, a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and a qualified Image Consultant. Wendy has also successfully completed an advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. 

Contact Wendy Clark 
01225 421621




At Maxima, we're here to help. If you'd like to know more about Maxima's Open Training Programmes or one of our bespoke training programmes you can contact us via:

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