Max e-learning

We believe learning should be blended, by which we mean there are many ways for people to learn. If you blend these different methods together in the right mix then you have a powerful learning cocktail for people to enjoy and benefit from.


Part of that blend is e-learning. We design bespoke on-line interactive programmes to support many of the programmes we run. This can be a very cost effective solution if you have a new person who needs the basics as soon as possible.


Some of the recent programmes we have designed for clients are;


  • Maximising conversion from phone enquiries
  • Maximising conversion from show rounds
  • Maximising sales from wedding enquiries
  • Maximising F&B sales
  • Maximising sales at the front desk
  • Maximising sales from the lounge
  • How to get appointments with key decision makers
  • How to overcome customer resistance
  • How to use PowerPoint effectively in presentations
  • How to right winning sales proposals
  • How to manage yourself to peak productivity
  • Effective price negotiation
  • Effective question technique
  • Effective closing technique
  • Effective up-selling techniques


At Maxima, we're here to help. If you'd like to know more about Maxima's Open Training Programmes or one of our bespoke training programmes you can contact us via:

Our website: contact form
Email us: maxteam@maximatraining.com
Or calling 01403 733337 to talk to one of our team.

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