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Insights discovery


Insights Discovery begins by helping you to uncover who you are and how you interact with others. The depth of insight provided means that Discovery can take you to places that you never expected. From one-to-one coaching to team development and improved sales and leadership skills, the possibilities are endless.

Every Discovery Personal Profile provides information on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communications style, and their value to a team. Each profile includes suggestions for development that can be put into practice the very next day. Additional chapters are available to support learning and development across a range of areas.

Start a leadership or management development programme using the Management Chapter.

Use the Personal Achievement Chapter to set goals as part of a personal effectiveness coaching programme.

Improve a sales person’s performance at each stage of the sale using the Effective Selling Chapter.

Probe and stretch an interview candidate during a selection process with the Interview Chapter.

Discovery programmes are:

Simple: easy to understand and remember, so everyone can apply what they learn.

Universal: they speak to everyone – your whole organisation will be captivated by the Insights’ magic.

Deeply Insightful: they take you places that you never expected.

Positive: our supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.


What the clients say

Fun! Energetic and vibrant experiences that create real excitement. The Insights Discovery language has swept throughout our organisation because it is fun to learn, inspirational to experience, easy to remember, effective and practical in application .”

Katrina Dunkley Former Head of Leadership and People Development, BT Wholesale





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