Management & leadership coaching

Management & Leadership Coaching

At Maxima, we recognise that coaching is an invaluable tool that supports individuals achieving their potential.

With experienced and qualified coaches, Maxima offer a wide range of senior management coaching options to meet your needs. Maxima also have a wide range of highly effective coaching tools to help with the personal development process.

Maxima understand that training and coaching are just as important to senior people as less experienced staff, and we work hard to keep our coaching and one-to-one support as practical and cutting edge as possible. Our coaching experience has enabled us to develop our own Maxima techniques for encouraging excellent performance, and we would be happy to share these with you

As an example, Maxima developed the 'Activation' coaching tool in 2009, to help some client managers develop their teams' performance through action and motivation. This tool has been used to great effect with some fantastic results, and this is because it's simple and easy to use. Why not download our 'Activation' PDF to find out how this excellent tool could help you?

To find out more about our 'Activation' coaching model Click here to download a PDF for this programme.

So if you feel that your senior team or key sales people might need a lift - or an injection of pace and urgency - give us a call!


At Maxima, we're here to help. If you'd like to know more about Maxima's Open Training Programmes or one of our bespoke training programmes you can contact us via:

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