Supercharged Selling 2020


‘Words are words, promises are promises, only performance is reality.’

As a sales professional you know how true this is! In 2020, just like every other year, you will be measured by the sales you bring in. So, why not start your 2020 sales campaign with a shot in the arm of ‘Supercharged Selling’?

In this dynamic one-dayworkshop,we will help you to start the year as you mean to go on, supercharged and focused on sales success. We will challenge you to challenge yourself to be the best sales person you can be. We will explore the secrets of great supercharged sales people, how they think,how they act and how they get the results other people just dream about. The day will be fast paced, highly motivating, participative and full of practical key things you will be able to use to supercharge your own selling. During the day we will give you the opportunity to audit your own sales performance against top supercharged sales performers. You will create your own supercharged action plan for immediate implementation.This is all about re-inventing your sales self and re-enthusing your desire to succeed. All great sports performers invest time in training and coaching so that they can perform at the highest level. ‘Supercharged Selling ’2020 is a timely investment in you and your ability to be the best you can be.

The objective of the workshop is simple; Participants will have the opportunity to audit thei rown attitude,skills,knowledge and habits, against those of top sales performers to identify where performance can be improved and to make action plans to drive those improvements. 

The programme

Supercharged Selling is based on our experience of working with many of the top sales professionals in our industry, from around the world. The good news is that successful people leave clues and we have used this evidence of what successful sales people do, combined with modern cutting edge and rapidly evolving sales techniques, to bring you this very contemporary programme.

The reality is that while some key selling principles remain the same, the online information age has changed much of the way we sell. Sales people today need to evolve to survive and thrive. This programme is designed to help you sense check where you are now and where you need to be to be successful in selling during 2020.

During the programme we will set out………….
How to make sure you have the right KASH balance 
How to set motivational sales goals for yourself
How to beat your sales target in style 
How to maximise your productive selling time 
How to maximise the value of your personal sales image 
How to find new business in 2020 
How to get face-to-face with real decision makers 
How to positively differentiate yourself from the competition
How to use social media to best effect 
How to make buyers buy what you are selling 
How to turn your boss into your biggest fan !!!

Supercharged Selling will be highly motivational, thought provoking, participative and full of opportunities to benchmark yourself against the best in sales from around the world. Following the programme you will have access to online modules which support the programme and a highly recommended audio, video, and reading list to continue your journey to the top.

 Who should attend

This programme is designed for sales people who go out and sell.
It will work for very experienced and less experienced alike, It is aimed at Directors of Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Specialist sales people indeed anyone who needs to go out and sell. So, if you have a target, if you have to find customers and sell to them and if you want 2020 to be your best sales year yet, then this programme is for you.
Programme leaders

Martin Pepper
Martin developed his early career in sales and operations in both airlines and hotels.He has been a National Director of Sales in the hotel industry and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development for Forte PLC before founding Maxima in1995.

Martin has over 35 years of global sales experience to share with you on this programme. He has worked with some of the top sales people in the industry from around the world and the good news is that successful people leave clues! Clues that Martin will share with you on this programme.

Martin is valued by clients for his knowledge and ability to motivate with humour and real life stories.A Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, a qualified trainer, coach and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner, Martin is passionate about sales and sales people and the essential contribution they make to the topline.

Wendy Clark
Wendy developed her early career in hotel operations,advertising sales and then hotel sales.Wendy has been a Director of Sales and co-founded Maxima with Martin in 1995.

Wendy has over 30 years experience in sales to share on this programme. Although Wendy says,given 30 years experience,she could only have been 5 when she started!

Wendy is valued by clients for her ability to inspire confidence by making the sales process and skills required easy to understand. A Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, a qualified trainer, coach and Licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner, Wendy is passionate about developing people to develop sales. Wendy believes no one is born knowing and she strives to ensure young sales people get the training they need to succeed in sales.
 How to book & Cost

The investment for this programme includes access to highly motivational training and best practice in this area across the industry.

Each participant will receive a copy of the Max Guide to Supercharged Selling

Eachparticipant will also gain access to online modules to support the presentation.

The investment also includes refreshment on arrival, lunch and mid – morning and afternoon tea and coffee.

The fee per person is £350 plusVAT

To make a booking email or call 01403 733337

Investment in perspective

£350 divided by 366 days in 2012 = 95p per day.
So all a person attending this programme need do is increase profits for your organisation by 95p per day for each day of 2020 to cover your investment.

To download a pdf brochure click here


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