MAX Account Development Maximisation Skills

MAX Account Development Skills 


Maximising the business potential of an account, involves knowledge, skill and process.  It is also a very profitable process when completed consistently and correctly.

This programme focuses on an effective best practice that helps people to assess account potential, with a view to setting 'SMART' goals and designing strategies to fulfil this potential. 

The programme also highlights the skills required by a good account developer to maximise account potential from their client base.

In a business world where everything counts, this programme is must of anyone who has an account base from which to develop revenue.

Target Audience

Anyone who is responsible for developing an account base - Directors of Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Business Development Managers, Account Development Personnel at all levels.

Aim of the programme

To enable participants to maximise sales from your client base by utilising an account development process and account development skills.

Programme Content

This programme is highly motivational and participative. You will work with a framework that will enable them to research and assess account potential. The framework will enable participants to identify key decision makers. The knowledge base that participants develop on their accounts can then be assessed using 'plus and minus' factors. 'SMART' goals will be set for the account and strategies are designed to maximise account potential.

Each participant will receive a copy of the MAX Guide to Account Development Skills to support their learning.

Key subjects covered include:

  • Understanding what we mean when we say account development
  • The start point is the customer. How do customers buy and how should we sell to them?
  • Q2 time and account development. Making time to develop your accounts.
  • Understanding the importance of account knowledge, the foundation for account development.
  • How to develop an account knowledge base.
  • How to assess account potential.
  • How to establish the decision-making process within your account
  • How to use a relationship web to focus your account development strategy
  • How to conduct a 'plus and minus' assessment to determine goals and action plans.
  • How to set 'SMART' account development goals.
  • Designing effective account development strategies
  • How to apply the process

Programme duration

One day - 0915-1700

Programme fee

£350.00 per person plus vat

Rate includes training, training materials, the MAX Guide to Account Development, morning and afternoon refreshment and lunch.

If you book two or more people on the same, then we can offer the special rate of £325.00 per person plus vat.

Programme Leader

Martin Pepper- Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management - MD of Maxima Training & Development
Martin is the Managing Director of Maxima Training & Development. He has held Senior Management positions in the airline and hospitality industries and was Director of Sales Training & Business Development, Worldwide for Forte Hotels, before co-founding Maxima in 1995.

Martin is valued by clients for his experience, down to earth approach, fast pace, understanding of business reality, humour and his ability to communicate in a motivational style that makes people want to take action.

Martin has been made a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management in recognition of his outstanding contribution in developing sales people in the hospitality industry. Martin is a sought-after conference speaker on a range of subjects related to developing people to develop business.

Martin is a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD and is a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner.
A lifelong learner, Martin has resisted the temptation to complete a PHD on the basis that no one would take a Doctor Pepper seriously !

What the delegates say

'I really gained a lot of insights during the whole session with Martin last Friday. The activities were a great way to put the learning into practice and I really enjoyed the day.'

'Martin was very encouraging and gave us various examples on how to manage key accounts and the ones which aren't producing. I have already started to allocate more time to make calls and manage these accounts on my office days; it's helping me a great deal.'

'Once again, many thanks for arranging everything and looking after my dietary requirements. The lunch was delicious.'

'I now have a process and tools which I can use to develop my accounts. Thankyou.'

Thankyou for making account development easy to understand. I have already seen the benefit and I have a new sense of purpose.'

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