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MAX Sales Conversion from Show Rounds


This programme has been developed to positively challenge businesses and individuals, in the way they approach their show rounds.

We want people to see a show round for what it really is ....................  A great opportunity to demonstrate to your prospective client how your venue specifically meets their needs.  A show round is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the potential competition and to convert real revenue.

Aim of the programme

To enable you to audit your current standards for conducting a show round, with a view to taking action to enhance your standards of performance, so that you consistently offer prospective clients 'WOW' show rounds that meet the prospective client need and differentiate your venue from the competition, which in turn enables you to convert the business.

Programme style and content

Highly motivational, participative and focused on practical things you can put into action.  We will help you tailor the concepts discussed to your venue.  We will encourage you during the session to build your your own checklist of key things, you need to do o make sure you create 'wow' show rounds at your venue. Key content:

  • How to put the show round in a business context.

  • How to understand your potential clients preferences.

  • How to prepare for a show round part 1 - The client.
  • How to prepare for a show round part  2 - The venue.
  • How to create a WOW welcome to maximise a great first impression.
  • How to conduct a WOW show round.

  • How to end the show round with a WOW ending.

  • How to follow up your show round.

  • How to handle walk in show rounds.

  • How to measure show round conversion.

 Programme duration

One day - 0915-1700

Programme fee

£325.00 plus vat - Rate includes training, training materials, morning and afternoon refreshment and lunch.

Target audience

This programme is suitable for anybody who wants to maximise profitable sales conversion from showing customers your venue -  no matter how experienced they are, anyone who is responsible for supporting, hosting and converting show rounds.

Programme Leader - Wendy Clark  FInstSMM  Director Maxima Training & Development

Wendy is a Director and co-founder of Maxima Training & Development.  Having worked in retail, advertising, catering and hotels becoming a Director of Sales.  Wendy ran her own successful business, Positive Projection before co-founding Maxima Training & Development in 1995.  At Positive Projection, Wendy specialised in coaching individuals and teams to maximise their personal and team brand.  Her work was featured in the Sunday Times.

Wendy is valued by clients for her experience, humour, honest approach, real world thinking, excellent communication skills and her ability to inspire people to maximise their personal brand.

She is a sought after Executive Coach and is retained by many Senior Managers and their teams.

A fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing, a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD, a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and a qualified Image Consultant.

Wendy has also successfully completed an advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. 

What are clients say:  

‘The course was excellent and I found it very useful and interesting, highlighting areas where I will be able to give more structure to my viewings.’ Harry Reid, Meetings and Events Sales Executive, Marylebone Cricket Club

'The course was so beneficial and made me think about show rounds from several different perspectives which now seem so fundamental but which I hadn’t previously given much thought to.
Very interesting day, I think the interactive side of the course made it a much more engaging learning experience and some lovely food for lunch as well, bonus!
 Amy Whitling, Events Sales Administrator, Royal Hospital Chelsea Group

'I really enjoyed the workshop and it really helped me! It was great that Wendy got us up and moving around and she was incredibly friendly which made it even better. 
I have learnt a lot and managed to get 4 weddings booked since the workshop so thank you very much!! 
Looking forward to the next one I attend in September.'

'Firstly I would like to say how enjoyable and useful I always find the Maxima training.  This training in particular was well structured, fantastically delivered by Wendy and I have been putting all of the points learnt into practice.  I took so much away from the course, the content of which was spot on and relevant throughout.
I would recommned this course to any delegate that has either no experience or lots of experience in show rounds as everyone can learn something new.
Out of 10 I would say 10!
Thank you very much.
Cheval Residences

'I felt the training and the training manuals were very helpful and really enjoyed the day with Wendy. The way in which Wendy discussed different aspects of show rounds really helped me and has made it stick in my mind.  I will be using what I have learnt confidently from now on.

The venue and catering were lovely and had everything I could have needed for the day. They venue was also very easy to get to and find which helped especially at that time of the day.'
Jessica Gardiner, Conference Co-ordinator, Roehampton Venues

Roehampton Venues   @RoeVenues

Jun 01

Two wedding show rounds and two corporate show rounds in our new conference centre putting into place our @MaximaTraining training!


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