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Friday 15th June 2017 1 The Research House 325.00
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Fri 16th November 2018 1 The Research House 325.00
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Max New Business Development Skills


Good news is that it has never been easier to find and qualify prospective new business leads. The challenge, in a very busy and competitive world, is turning a prospective business lead into a paying customer.

As a sales person you need to ensure that you win enough business not just to survive but to thrive! 

To consistently do this you need to have a healthy sales pipeline. 

The start point is to allocate enough time and energy to conduct research to generate meaning full leads.  You then need to qualify those leads to create a prioritised prospect list.  By working on your prioritised prospect list over time, you develop new business.

Aim of the programme

To enable you to utilise the key principles, processes and skills required to identify, qualify and convert new business potential of your organisation.

Programme style and content

This highly motivational and practical programme is very interactive and participative. 

We will explore theory and process, but we will bring the theory and process to life with real industry examples.  We will also practice key skills so that you can confidently utilise them to maximise your sales opportunities.  Key content will enable you to :

  • Understand and utilise the MAX Sales Funnel model as the process you utilise to help you turn sales leads into buying customers.
  • Understand why you need to make time to make sales and be able to utilise the Q2 time model to ensure you make time to make sales.
  • Identify a wide range of sources for sales leads and put in place simple processes to ensure you create a consistent flow of sales leads which contributes to your suspect list.
  • Use a question based prospect qualification criteria to apply to your suspect list so you identify which suspects move to your prioritised prospect list.
     Develop and utilise an effective goal focused sales and marketing strategy to convert your prioritised prospect into a first time buyer. goals, objectives and ensuring time is spent productively
  • Conducting effective telesales, marketing and e-shots
  • Creating proposals that inspire and differentiate you
  • Developing an approach to contact management

Programme duration

One day - 0915-1700

Programme fee

£325.00 plus vat - Rate includes training, training materials, morning and afternoon refreshment and lunch.

Target audience

Everybody that has a responsibility to generate new business or has a role in the sales process. Anyone who has to conduct new business research, telesales activity, generate and/or qualify leads, profile contacts and companies, CRM, account penetration and securing appointments.

Programme Leader - Wendy Clark  FInstSMM  Director Maxima Training & Development

Wendy is a Director and co-founder of Maxima Training & Development.  Having worked in retail, advertising, catering and hotels becoming a Director of Sales.  Wendy ran her own successful business, Positive Projection before co-founding Maxima Training & Development in 1995.  At Positive Projection, Wendy specialised in coaching individuals and teams to maximise their personal and team brand.  Her work was featured in the Sunday Times.

Wendy is valued by clients for her experience, humour, honest approach, real world thinking, excellent communication skills and her ability to inspire people to maximise their personal brand.

She is a sought after Executive Coach and is retained by many Senior Managers and their teams.

A fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing, a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD, a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and a qualified Image Consultant.

Wendy has also successfully completed an advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching.

What our delegates say

'Just like to say thank you to Wendy and the team, thoroughly enjoyed the New Business training day !
The course was very helpful, with all the tips and tricks, hopefully I will be able to secure some new leads.
The venue was perfect, really easy to find, perfect that is was close to the shops.
Maxima lead some great courses, I will definitely look into some more for the future.' - Krishan, University of Birmingham, Conference & Events.

' A well paced day, very relevant content and backed up with strong evidence from real life situations. Martin was a very engaging trainer, and good venue and facilities' 
Barry - Stoke Rochford

'One of the best trainers I've come across - full of energy, very keen and very impressed with the course.  Abit apprehensive before going on the training but all that dispersed immediately, nobody felt pressure with the role plays.'
Chris - College of Physicians

'I really enjoyed the training. Learnt quite a few things including techniques that I had not thought about before. I have already started using them, time managment and the introductions and had some really positive outcomes'
Sandeep - Fare of London

'The course was very informative throughtout the day, Martin is great and kept the group engaged with both interactive work and tasks'
Rupinder - Fare of London

'The training was very good, very impressed with Martin, his way of delivering the information and his solid knowledge in this field, looking forward to attending some more training.'
Victoria - Danubius



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