MAX Conversion from Meetings & Event Enquiries
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Tues 14th May 2019 1 The Research House 325.00
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Friday 22nd November 2019 1 The Research House 325.00
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MAX Sales Conversion from Meeting & Event Enquiries



A practical programme, designed to enable your M&E sales enquiry team to maximise sales conversion for your venue.
In the programme we share best practice combined with key business principles, all focused on maximising sales conversion and customer satisfaction. 

Aim of the programme

To enable you to maximise meeting and event sales conversion from enquiries, by utilising key selling, negotiating and influencing principles and skills.

Programme style and content

Highly motivational, participative and full of real industry examples and case studies.

Key content will enable you to:

  • Utilise a business winning focus and mind-set.
  • Understand the buyer cycle and different buyer motivations including agents, corporate and private.
  • Effectively utilise six key laws of persuasion to positively influence the buyer to buy.
  • Utilise the 'Purple Cow' principle as a way to differentiate their offer.
  • Use the Maxima ONE STOP process for enquiry conversion.
  • O=Opening the call with a 'wow' welcome.
  • N=Needs analysis why you need to get their specific need - think like a doctor !
  • E=Exploring up-selling opportunities - questions that sell.
  • S=Summarising needs and selecting the best solution.
  • T=Turning customers on to your solution - Selling compelling value not price. 
  • O=Overcoming price concerns, objections and getting beyond I need to think about it!
  • P=Positive commitment, chasing and 'wow' wrap ups.

 Programme duration

One day - 0915-1700

Programme fee

£325.00 plus vat - Rate includes training, training materials, morning and afternoon refreshment and lunch. 

Target audience

Suitable for anyone, no matter how experienced they are, responsible for converting conference, meeting, banqueting, wedding and event enquiries into confirmed sales.

Programme Leader - Wendy Clark  FInstSMM  Director Maxima Training & Development

Wendy is a Director and co-founder of Maxima Training & Development.  Having worked in retail, advertising, catering and hotels becoming a Director of Sales.  Wendy ran her own successful business, Positive Projection before co-founding Maxima Training & Development in 1995.  At Positive Projection, Wendy specialised in coaching individuals and teams to maximise their personal and team brand.  Her work was featured in the Sunday Times.

Wendy is valued by clients for her experience, humour, honest approach, real world thinking, excellent communication skills and her ability to inspire people to maximise their personal brand.

She is a sought after Executive Coach and is retained by many Senior Managers and their teams.

A fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing, a qualified trainer and coach through the CIPD, a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and a qualified Image Consultant.

Wendy has also successfully completed an advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. 

What our delegates say

'Thank you for your e-email. The training was reallly effective and helpful.
Wendy as always was very inspiring and motivating.
I find your training really productive and would highly recommend them to anyone.' - Feb 2018

'The ONE STOP process has really helped me to understand how to use a simple framework to understand how best to help the customer.'

'The laws of influence, especially scarcity, are already working for me.  I find it has helped me be much more confident asking for and getting the booking'.

'I found the analysing needs questionnaire technique very helpful. It was changed my approach from just answering the phone to being focused on what they need and how I can help'.

'The bit about mindfulness was great for me. I always used to be doing something else and trying to handle the call! Now I am in the moment with the customer.'

'I hate role play! Yet somehow you got me to do it (role play) without me realising I was doing it! I even had a laugh in the process. Thank you.'

The price negotiation part was very useful. I used to get very apologetic and defensive when I was challenged on price now I feel much more confident.'

'I did not want to come on the programme but I'm glad I did. I found it very motivational and enjoyable. I am now booked on the negotiation programme.'

'The venue and food were superb and I loved the training.'



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