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Sales & Business Development Consultancy

Until we really understand the need, it is impossible to prescribe a solution.

Listening - Planning - Doing - Reviewing

As sales and business development has become more of a specialised area, Maxima now provide a consultancy service to our clients to help ensure that their sales and business development practices are delivering the results they need. We have offered various different services to our clients over the last 10 years, consulting with them in areas such as:

  • Business strategy
  • Sales and marketing strategy and process
  • Organisational structure
  • Process management
  • Standards of performance
  • Measurement criteria
  • Incentive schemes
  • Culture change
  • Staff surveys
  • Customer's surveys
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer Service

To run and maintain a successful business is often difficult and requires many skills. We are here to help those business managers, who may not have the experience or knowledge themselves, who need support with sales and driving business forward. Very often there are changes to the business or the market place which force businesses and their managers to change the strategy. We are here to assist them to do this and to help them and their people manage the change successfully.

Our approach to consultancy is based on developing a close working relationship, and focusing on getting the results achieved in the time expected. We only offer this service when invited, and when we feel we can genuinely help and support the cause.

If you feel that we can support you and your team in anyway - why not give us a call?

"Martin has worked with us for a number of years, always with excellent results. He generates the respect of Managers and employees of the business, and always adds value to the business whilst working within the framework and strategic objectives of the business. End result an improved financial return for the business.”
Danny Pecorelli
MD Exclusive Hotels

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