Sales performance Coaching

Sales Performance Coaching

At Maxima, we recognise that coaching is an invaluable tool that supports individuals achieving their potential.

Listening - Planning - Doing - Reviewing

With experienced and qualified coaches, Maxima offer a wide range of coaching options to meet your needs. Over the last 10 years, Maxima have provided our clients with effective coaching support using a range of methods including face-to-face, telephone, email and e-coaching. The duration and method of coaching is never pre-determined but is agreed once the needs and objectives have been agreed.

Some of the areas on which Maxima have supported our clients, include:

  • Executive and senior management team coaching
  • Middle and junior management coaching
  • Sales and business development coaching
  • Sales - field appraisal coaching
  • Sales - Show-Round coaching
  • Personal development and personel effectiveness coaching
  • Strategy, performance and communication coaching for individuals and teams

From working with a range of organisations and individuals, Maxima understand that sometimes it can be difficult for some people to grasp how effective coaching can benefit them, or how the process will work. Therefore, Maxima invest time before any coaching project starts to agree coaching methods, time frames and objectives with all concerned. The Maxima team also consult with those being coached throughout the project, and encourage the organisation to regularly review and evaluate the coaching impact on performance.

Because we work with so many different businesses and experience many different situations, Maxima have been able to pioneer new coaching methods and techniques. One example of this is the 'Impact & Influence' model developed by Maxima in 2007. This coaching model is designed to help individuals re-define the impact they have on their personal business objectives, and improve their personal relationships and influences within their team or department. Since its development the 'Impact and Influence' model has helped many Maxima clients improve their performance with some profound effects.

To find out more about our 'Impact & Influence' coaching model Click here to download a PDF for this programme.

“Maxima’s personal coaching programme has been of enormous benefit to me and my team.  It now forms an integral part of our succession planning process and we use it to spot and develop rising stars, retaining their commitment to imago’s success”.

Emma Boynton
Head of Sales & Marketing
imago @ Loughborough Ltd


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